Adaptive Planning

About Adaptive Planning

The Adaptive Planning suite is a web-based software for financial budgeting, cost-accounting, and reporting and performance indicator analysis. It has been witnessing tremendous attention from finance managers and agencies from across the globe because of its suitability and versatility to support a variety of financial operations. It is regarded as being a step above its predecessors, chiefly Microsoft Excel, for financial management purposes.  The software has several flexible features that turn out to be immensely useful to finance personnel, a few of them discussed below.
Simultaneous Access to Past, Present and Future
The Adaptive Planning suite comes in three sub-divisions: Adaptive Consolidation, Adaptive Planning, and Adaptive Discovery. Together they form a compact corporate performance management software that allows a user to have access to events and data from past years and plan ahead into the future.
Adaptive Consolidation takes care of past data and events for financial integration with current events, and the disclosure and reporting of the data on demand. Adaptive Planning allows the user to look into the future by predicting imminent changes and possibilities by use of its innovative forecasting applications. Adaptive Discovery involves using past data and future forecasts and budgets to bring about a comprehensive account of performance statistics of the corporate firm at the present and demonstrate these findings in several user-friendly formats.

Cloud Storage

This innovative feature involves storage of all financial details of a Business performance management system on the cloud instead of in on-site computers. This promises extreme data safety and availability, as the data is only displayed to users in web-based software portals which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime at the production of adequate login details by a registered company personnel.

User-friendly Interface

A quick research on the internet would reveal that the reviewers of Adaptive Planning have deemed it to be an extremely simple software to learn, with employees getting comfortable with its working given minimal commitment. Even so, the Company provides on-line training sessions to firms that avail its software, which personnel can go through upon requirement. It is, however, widely spoken that the software can be mastered simply by self-study as it shares several similarities with Microsoft Excel.

Aids in Cost-Cutting

This Business Performance Management software is easy to use features lead to great reductions in deployment time, with estimates that a certain project which required six months to attain sufficient financial backing for it to get started can be done in just less than a month with Adaptive Planning. This increases an organization’s overall productivity by fastening up one of the slowest steps in the chain of events from proposal to productivity. This, coupled up with the fact that the software requires next to no IT Support, no extra maintenance costs (except an annual subscription fee) ensures that firms gain from the appropriate usage of the software on several different levels.

Clearideas101 has hence started working with Adaptive Planning in order to provide comprehensive business, enterprise and corporate performance management services to its clients, while maintaining the lucidity and simplicity of work and minimizing operating costs.