Quick And Efficient Production of Reports

The key budgeting and forecasting software used by Clearideas101 is Adaptive Planning. The software has highly innovative business reporting skills that make use of drag and drop features that make them fast and error free. The database of the software is real time, which means that reports that are created using the software have their data instantaneously updated at all points in time. Hence, a report created using Adaptive Planning is never backdated: it would always reflect the state of the company at the present time and base all their graphical and tabular representations on that data.

The sales forecasting software requires little or no programming experience and can hence be used by just about anyone with working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. It works on a multi-dimensional interface and makes use of innovative features that allow users to create management reports using easy to use features like dragging and dropping across different dimensions on the interface.
Hence, a few swift mouse gestures create a highly functional and technical financial report that reflects the real time functioning of the company at all times. A major advantage of this method is that unlike in the past, it is no longer required to ask your subordinate for a manually created financial report every time you need to check up on the corporation’s performance. The budgeting and forecasting software allows managers to generate self-service reports as and when they like it.

Cutting Edge Forecasting Software

While financial forecasting has been one of the most time-consuming services that financial management has to come up with, it is no longer half as troublesome with Clearideas101. The advanced technology of the budgeting and forecasting software used by the firm makes forecasting a much quicker process than it used to be. Statistics reveal a reduction in forecasting and budgeting cycle times of about ninety per cent when using Adaptive Planning.
One of the most important criteria for the successful operation of a company is cash flow. Errors in the cash flow forecast might have dire consequences to a company’s growth, and is hence to be handled with utmost care. The sales forecasting software glitch-free operation means minimization of operational errors and results of higher accuracy and lucid representation. Armed with the best possible data, the user can now ask the software to bring up comprehensive and analytical reports in a timely manner for the managers and executives to be in the know about latest developments.
While Microsoft Excel has only two dimensions to use products in which requires the use of multiple relations for functioning, the sales forecasting software used by clearideas101 has unlimited dimensions and is capable of coming up with cube sheets involving multiple dimensions. These powerful tools can then be used to bring about sales forecasts dependent on driver attributes, plans for future revenue and cash flow statements. The budgeting and forecasting software also allows sales data both completed in real and in the pipeline to be consolidated from other systems.